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Getting Started

Welcome to OC Creative Minds, a group blogs for writers, and potential writers at Oklahoma Christian University and others with similar interests in the area.

Here are some instructions to get started:

1. To register:

RegisterIf you created a WordPress blog in the past, you might want to send me the email with which you register a WordPress account.  With that email I can add you to the OC Creative Minds blog directly.  So next time you want to publish a blog post, visit: http://www.oc.edu/occreativeminds, and log in with your old user name and password.  WordPress works like Blackboard in a way.  You can have one user ID and be registered with multiple WordPress blogs.

If this is the first time you use WordPress, please register for a WordPress account. To do that, come to http://www.oc.edu/occreativeminds, click “register” at the bottom right corner of the page, follow the instructions to get registered.  The registration page would look like this.

Registration page

I would have gladly done this for you except that WordPress will send you an email to your mailbox asking you to activate your account.  I would be stuck at that step.   You will need to follow the WordPress email directions to get your account activated.  Once you have your account activated, please send me (berlin.fang@oc.edu) so that I can add you to the blog.  This may sound convoluted, but it is actually a rather quick process.

2. To log in:

Log inOnce you have set up your account and become a contributor of the blog, you can just click “log in” at the bottom right corner of the page to enter the blog’s “dashboard”, which is like the control panel of Blackboard.

3. To post:

Once you are logged in, find “post”, and then click on “new post” to start writing.  You will notice that there are two modes “visual”  vs “html” modes.  If you are copying things from Word, I would recommend that you click on “HTML” which will get rid of your Word codes, which sometimes make the page look messy.    Once you have finished pasting the content from Word,  click on “visual” to make format changes if needed.

I strongly recommend that you add a tag in the “post tags” area.  If you are not familiar with it, a tag is like a keyword, which will make it very easy for readers to search for particular topics in the future.

After you have composed your post, you can either “save draft” or “publish”.     Drafts are not published, it is the “work-in-progress” you can keep editing.  Even for published posts, you can always go back and edit if needed.  I do this all the time.

4. To comment:

If you want to comment on someone’s post, click on “leave a comment” to write your feedback.  You may be asked to log in if you are not logged in at the time you comment.

If you have questions or issues, please feel free to let me know.   Enjoy!


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